Jill Perin
RTA-Certified Facilitator
Ben Wisch 200 hour yoga teacher training graduate

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  • Reconnecting with who you are
  • Strategies and insights for balanced living
  • Managing our energy, saying "no" and asking for help

  • The transformative power of self-care
  • Reclaiming adventure and unleashing your creativity


Have you ever found yourself searching for something in that proverbial junk drawer in your kitchen? A missing knob to a cabinet, a small piece from an appliance, a business card…Jill Perin’s personal renewal group is like finding the most essential item for living well that you didn’t know you were missing, when you began your search, but are most grateful when you find it. Jill’s intuitive skills in communicating and guiding small groups helped me connect with other mothers in a way I never experienced before. I don’t believe in magic, but Jill’s generous and warm approach to life coaching opened the group up in unexpected ways, leading us to explore many deep and honest subjects. I would highly recommend Jill Perin. She is a real treasure! -Amy, writer and LGBT educator and author of “When Kayla Was Kyle”

Jill is an amazing personal renewal coach who truly practices what she preaches. Over the past year, she has taught me the importance of self-care through our PRG meetings where she moderated discussions that ranged from managing priorities to dealing with the challenges of motherhood. By creating a safe and comfortable environment as well as setting a spiritual tone to the meeting, she enabled us to have candid discussions about our lives without reservations or judgment. In the process, I have come to realize that I am empowered to control how my body and soul are nourished. -Eunha, mother and business owner

Our PRG has been a safe, supportive group of amazing independent women who collectively embrace one another’s growth as mothers, encouraging each of us to be true to ourselves as we find our way along the winding path of motherhood. Jill is an intelligent, wise and empathetic leader who enlightens our monthly gatherings with her spirit and soul. -Alice, teacher


I live in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey with my husband and three children. After graduating from N.Y.U. Tisch School of the Arts. I performed in theater in N.Y.C. which included dancing as a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall. As my family grew, I became drawn to the healing arts and studied mantra, meditation and different modalities of healing. This led me to begin guiding meditation groups, and now, I also love leading mini-retreats and PRGs. I am very active in my children’s school serving on various committees.

My passion for family and healing led me to attending a retreat with Renee Trudeau at Kripalu Yoga Center. I found Renee’s work to complement all that I was exploring and loved that it helped women experience the power of community and the beauty of awakening to life’s purpose. I had never experienced the power of a women’s group before, and was overwhelmed at how women can support each other in this female journey. As a mother of three children ranging in age from 9-21, I often felt that women did not share and support each other enough in this journey of motherhood. Real intimate connection had been lost, and therefore, I sometimes felt isolated. At the retreat, I realized that with the PRGs, we could have that kind of support and sharing I felt so many women were craving. My “wise self” tapped me on the shoulder and said “You must do this! You must lead P.R.G.’s!” I was honored this past June to assist Renee at her latest retreat at Kripalu with an amazing group of women.

My first PRG changed my life forever. I had never been a group person but as I led my first PRG, I personally experienced what wonderful things happen when you find your tribe. The healing and growth that occur when women gather with intention and purpose are amazing. As a leader, I love watching the transformations that occur just by being supported in your exploration of who you truly are. I have seen major life shifts occur simply by moving through the PRG program.

I have been practicing self-care for about 17 years. My morning meditation practice is my most important tool to help me begin my day with intention and awareness. I also love to exercise, whether it be dance, yoga or working out. Walking with a friend is one of my favorite ways to connect and share while doing something good for my body. I am passionate about healthy eating and sharing meals and laughter with my family and friends is very important to me. Date nights with my husband are essential to stay connected to each other.

I can be reached at [email protected] I will be starting a new PRG in the fall on Thursday mornings. I am also willing to facilitate an evening if there is an interest.